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Turf Removal Rebates in California

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BREAKING NEWS! On July 9th, the Metropolitan Water District (MWD is the water provider for most of Southern California) CANCELLED their Turf Removal Rebate program. If you live in an MWD water district, you are no longer eligible for MWD turf removal rebates. Learn more here. You ARE still eligible for irrigation equipment upgrades like Smart Controllers and efficient sprinkler nozzles.

Additional Lawn Removal Rebate Programs in California

Los Angeles County

Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) LADWP relied on MWD to implement its Turf Rebate Program which is now closed. LADWP is creating their own turf removal program and you can find details here.

City of Santa Monica is offering a landscape rebate as of April 8, 2015. $3.50 per square foot of turf removed, up to $4500. Special restrictions apply and artificial turf is not eligible for a rebate.

City of Long Beach is still running their popular Lawn-to-Garden turf rebate program. Get $3.50 per square foot of turf removed, up to $3,500.

Santa Clara Valley

Santa Clara Valley Water District is offering $2 per square foot in their Landscape Conversion Rebate program as of April 22, 2014.

Castaic Lake Water Agency is also offering $2 per square foot, up to $5,000 per property, in their Lawn Replacement Program, as of April 3, 2015.

Orange County

Irvine Ranch Water District has a $2 per square foot turf removal rebate with NO maximum for most of Orange County.

City of Anaheim is offering a $3 per square foot turf removal rebate up to 2,500 sq. ft. for residential and up to 5,000 sq. ft. for commercial properties. If your project exceeds these maximums, Metropolitan Water District will pay $2 per square foot for the additional square footage.

Riverside County

City of Riverside is offering $0.40 per square foot (up to $2400!) to convert your lawn to drought-tolerant plants.

Coachella Valley

Coachella Valley Water District is offering a $1 per sq ft rebate, maximum is 1,000 sq ft. The coffers are empty until July 1, 2015, so please visit this page for details on how to apply and get a rebate in July, but apply right away because it's first-come first-served.

Indio Water Authority has a program separate from CVWD offering $1 per square foot of turf removed, up to $1500 for residences. They also offer a $750 landscape irrigation equipment rebate. More information for both of these programs is available on this flier.

Cathedral City has a program separate from CVWD offering a rebate of $500 for turf removal and irrigation equipment updates that eliminate runoff. Learn more about this program in this flier.

Desert Water Agency DWA is working with cities to offer a lawn buyback program to residents of Palm Springs (.doc download) and Cathedral City (.pdf download). They now have their own turf buyback program and is offering $2 per sq ft. Cathedral City customers can get rebates both from Cathedral City and from DWA.

Do you know of a turf-removal rebate not listed here? Please let us know!

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