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Helping you use less water in your landscape

Please Note! Minimum purchase is $50
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Phone, Email, or Chat Support

30 minutes of phone, email, or chat support (Model # 30 minutes)

Phone Support at WaterWiseNow.com All of our customers get 30 minutes of free phone support with each order. In some cases 30 minutes isn't enough, so we offer the ability for personalized assistance with installation via the phone, at a rate of $30/30 minutes.

Not a customer? No problem. We offer same great installation assistance at $30/30 minutes to the general public, too.

We also offer pre-order phone support, for free. It covers the following subjects:

  • Which products are appropriate for your home? We'll help you determine which models or product lines you should be looking at for your needs.
  • Product answers We'll answer any questions about the functionality, installation requirements, etc. of any products we sell on the website, including how to put them together.
  • Rebate information We can help answer general questions you have water conservation rebates available to you from your city or water district.
  • Water usage We can answer questions you might have regarding water usage and how to use less water in the landscape.

Not included in our free phone support:

  • Planting design advice
  • Irrigation design advice outside of what we offer in our eBooks and Guides
  • Controller scheduling (We can create a custom watering schedule for you. The fee depends on how many stations you have.)
  • Problem-solving during installation

If you have hearing or other communication issues we are happy to use our website chat service or Skype to support you instead of the phone.