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Done with sprinklers? Try Our Switch2Drip Kit

Switch2Drip for Trees Kit

Small (tree canopy 12-26 feet) (Model # S2DT-SM-KIT)

What is a Switch2Drip Kit for Trees? Given the impact the drought is having on our mature trees, and the generous turf removal budget from most water districts, we made a version of our original Switch2Drip Kit just for trees.

We've focused the guide on situations where trees were previously being watered by sprinklers and were planted in the middle of turf. This is the most common situation where trees are suffering—people take out the turf or stop watering their lawns unaware that our trees tend to get most of their water from the sprinkler system watering the grass.

Why the Switch2Drip Kit for Trees? Our Switch2Drip Kits come with original and thorough guides written for homeowners, not for professionals. We've spent a great deal of time coming up with the easiest methods for converting sprinklers to drip irrigation, and we offer 30 minutes of free phone support from our Water Angels for our Switch2Drip customers.

The Kit for trees is specialized with different drip tubing, the minimum number of parts for the specialized drip tubing layout for trees, and like the original, free shipping!

Free Download!

If you haven't already downloaded our FREE Drought Watering for Trees Guide, please do so! You'll learn about the entire process and see how this Switch2Drip Kit for Trees is the easiest way for you to save your valuable mature trees and protect newly planted ones as the drought continues.

What's In the Box?

  • Netafim Techline CV Drip Tubing 0.4 GPH 18-inch spacing (amount varies depending on size of kit)
  • Agrifim converter kit (one) + adjustable riser (one)
  • Figure-eight line end (one)
  • Sprinkler caps (20 Agrifim caps)
  • Pipe tape (¾-inch)
  • Sprinkler flags (25)
  • Dripper plugs (10)

Where Can I Learn More About Switch2Drip?

We have a separate website with more detailed information about our Switch2Drip Kit at Switch2Drip.com.

Drip Irrigation Glossary

Flow Rate (GPH): This is the rate at which water comes out of the tubing. Drip irrigation flow rates are measured in Gallons per Hour (as opposed to regular sprinklers which measure flow in Gallons per Minute).

Emitters and Emitter Spacing: Emitter is a fancy word for "hole where the water comes out of the tubing." The emitter is technically more than just the hole, but for homeowner installations, this is specific enough. Emitters can be built in to tubing directly (often called drip line) or can be installed separately for point-source irrigation design.

Lateral: Refers to a single run of tubing (or PVC pipes). It might be blank (supply) tubing, or it might be drip tubing, with emitters.

Distribution Tubing: Goes by too many names... you may also find it listed as Supply Tubing, Blank Tubing, and in the case of 1/4" diameter, spaghetti tubing! Fortunately no matter what you call it, it serves the same purpose—to bring water to another part of your yard without irrigating the soil/concrete/mulch along the way.