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Switch2Drip Guide - How to Convert from Spray to Drip Irrigation

Switch2Drip Guide (Model # Switch2DripGuide)

Converting from sprinklers to drip irrigation has never been easier

What is the Switch2Drip Guide? Water Wise Now, as part of our mission to help homeowners take control of their irrigation systems to conserve water, developed an authoritative guide for homeowners on how to switch from sprinklers to drip irrigation.

Converting your sprinklers to drip irrigation may seem intimidating, but when it comes to automatic watering of your yard, it's the simplest and most flexible way to achieve long-lasting results. If you’re considering removing some or all of your grass, or just changing a few planting areas to make them more water efficient, this conversion guide is a great way to make the switch easier.

Included in this guide

  • Point-Source Drip Irrigation Guide (Free w/ Switch2Drip Guide)
  • Built-in Emitter Drip Irrigation Guide (Free w/ Switch2Drip Guide)
  • Soil Type Identification Worksheet
  • Controller Station ID Worksheet
  • A coupon good for $14.95 on a single purchase of $50 or more

Topics covered this guide

  • How to identify the parts of your yard most appropriate for switching to drip Components of a drip irrigation system
  • How to design your drip irrigation system
  • How to install your drip irrigation system
  • How to shut down your pop-up sprinklers without removing them
  • How to reprogram your watering schedule to work for drip irrigation
  • Pro tips for every step along the way

You’ll learn the specifics of:

  • The different drip irrigation methods
  • How to properly water trees and mature shrubs using drip irrigation
  • How to design drip irrigation for new plantings
  • How to determine your soil type, if you don’t already know it
  • Choosing between different brands and sizes of drip tubing

Your Download Packet Contains

The main Switch2Drip Guide introduces you to Spray-to-Drip Conversion, includes all decisions you’ll need to make, equipment you’ll need, and installation instructions for the conversion.

Drip Irrigation Guides. There are two, but you’ll only use one of them. You’ll make a decision about which method is right for your garden in the Planning section of the Switch2Drip Guide.

Ordering Forms & Worksheets. We provide worksheets for the equipment related to the conversion, and to get all of your drip tubing items counted and ordered.


Drip Irrigation Glossary

Flow Rate (GPH): This is the rate at which water comes out of the tubing. Drip irrigation flow rates are measured in Gallons per Hour (as opposed to regular sprinklers which measure flow in Gallons per Minute).

Emitters and Emitter Spacing: Emitter is a fancy word for "hole where the water comes out of the tubing." The emitter is technically more than just the hole, but for homeowner installations, this is specific enough. Emitters can be built in to tubing directly (often called drip line) or can be installed separately for point-source irrigation design.

Lateral: Refers to a single run of tubing (or PVC pipes). It might be blank (supply) tubing, or it might be drip tubing, with emitters.

Distribution Tubing: Goes by too many names... you may also find it listed as Supply Tubing, Blank Tubing, and in the case of 1/4" diameter, spaghetti tubing! Fortunately no matter what you call it, it serves the same purpose—to bring water to another part of your yard without irrigating the soil/concrete/mulch along the way.