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Switch2Drip Tree Guide

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The drought has been punishing our trees and our exuberance for lawn removal has been complicating things, especially hastening the demise of mature trees.

One of the worst things we to do trees is plant them in grass lawns. The idea that trees ought to be planted in grass is rather a romantic one, but the reality is that trees and grass have very different watering needs and when the two types of plants share a single watering system, one of the two will suffer. Since we understand what unhealthy grass looks like better than we understand what unhealthy trees look like, we tend to water in such a way that keeps the grass healthy.

Most of us have never really thought about this at all, it’s just "the way we do it." With the drought, our lack of communal knowledge about tree watering is starting to surface, especially as we stop watering our lawns to save water.

This guide is designed to help you keep your trees healthy through the drought as you remove your grass lawn permanently or just or stop watering it until the drought ends.

What is in the Guide

  • Learn how to convert your sprinklers to drip irrigation with step-by-step instructions and plenty of pictures
  • Learn how to lay out drip tubing to deliver water optimally to trees
  • Get a new irrigation schedule for drip tubing
  • Determine which Switch2Drip for Trees Kit you should order